Sunday, June 29, 2008

Deaf Studies Today Conference

Recently in April, UVU once again help the bi-annual (every 2 years, right?) Deaf Studies Today conference. It was a lot of fun. They had workshops about Deafness, (they had a performance about Deafness at the end that was amazing!!) interpreting, Deaf education, etc. it was really cool. In this picture from left to right is Matt, Me Laura Jayne Eastley, Anthony Natale, and Dale Boam. Laura Jayne is one of my most favorite people from school. Anthony Natale is a famous Deaf actor, and Dale Boam is one fo the teachers in the Deaf Studies Program.
This is Matt and I right before the final performance. I totally dragged Matt along...
Other well known Deaf people. They were way cool.
Oh yeah...this is Ben Duffy. This was at the Clubs Banquet. I just had to make sure this made the blog.

UVU ClubsClosing Banquet

This past year in school I was the President of UV Clubs. It was a learning experience for sure. We had an awesome closing banquet, and here are some pictures. la de dah.

Just another day in paradise

So the other day Matt and I were going to a family baptism. Matt told me we were going up early, but wouldn't tell me why. I LOVE surprises, and this one was especially excellent. We had so much fun at the zoo, just walking around and acting like kiddos (well, some of the time). The white alligator was pretty cool. We sat around waiting for it to move, but it just sat there chillin under the water...but THEN just as we were leaving, it moved, and came up for air. I, of course had to get a look, knocking children out of my way so I could have my peek. That's what they get for being small. :) We had so much fun that day!