Monday, October 20, 2008


Does anyone know of a working TV for sale? Ours has this really annoying high pitched squealing sound. I'd love to, well...replace it. Let me know! Thanks!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Everyday it's getting better... a little better all the time.

So I don't ever blog, much to Kenna's dismay. The reason? I don't know. By the time I go to school, work, then back to school, have meetings, and make a trip to Wendy's for food, I just want to come home, and snuggle up on the couch to watch the Simpson's. Life is exciting, eh? Since we don't have school today (UEA) I decided to take this opportunity to do a few bloggy things. My friend Lacey showed me how to add all your links to my blog, and I am so excited about it. I have managed to stalk a few of my ward friends out. Pretty cool. I'd like to know how you all make yours look so cute, like a scrapbook page or whatever. Now it's time for a Johnson family update:
We are going to Moab this weekend. HEY! That will give me something to blog about! SWEET! We are both super busy with school, but hey, it's life right?
For those of you who don't know my cute Matt very well, he LOVES hockey. I'm pretty sure if I would let him, this apartment would be painted Maroon and Blue, with "Colorado Avalanche" symbols everywhere. I don't doubt each shelf would covered in bobble-heads, and pucks (oh don't's already begun. I just try to keep it under control ;) Last year we both helped with the UVU Hockey team a lot, and loved it. Unfortunately, due to some selfish people trying to feed their own ambitions, UVU's wonderful team was destroyed, and what remains is an embarrassment. The former coach, who we just love, is now coaching the Payson High School team. The coach asked Matt if he could help coach, and of course he was on it! He went to his first practice and game this week. I'll have to get some pictures and post them. It's so fun to be a part of it again.
I had foot surgery a few...months ago. It was for an ugly bunion that is now in heaven. It looks pretty good now. I get handicap parking, which I take FULL advantage of. I still feel like I should limp when I go into stores so people don't think I am a faker. Well, let's be honest with ourselves...I don't need it most of the time, but hey...why not? If the parking lot is full, and there are 18 reserved parking spots, I let that little white wheelchair guy in the blue box lead the way! He is my new best friend. The school let's me park for free, just cause I have that tag. I could get used to this. Maybe they could paint my name on one of the stalls...I'll look into it.
My sister Shauna had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago. Hey name is Rachel Lee Farnsworth. She is so presh. I told them they should name her Amy Elizabeth Hall Johnson Farnsworth, but it didn't fly. Maybe next time.
Wow, I am thinking of so many things I could write about...but I'm really hungry. Peace.