Thursday, July 23, 2009

MORE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

NOT PREGNANT. BUUUUUT...I passed 4 out of the 5 things that I need for my level 2!! I know that many people don't know about interpreter testing, but 4 out of 5 is AWESOME!!! Hooray!!! Only 1 more thing to pass, and I am officially level 2!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, that's all!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Announcement

Hello everyone! Well, you've all been waiting for big news. I get questions about it all the time. "When are you going to add a few more feet to your family?" "Is that extra room for a baaaaaaby?" "Seriously, cut the crap. When are you gonna have kids" (Thank you Jason Hall). Well, we have thought about it. Thought and thought. Thought till we thought our thoughts would come back to haunt us. And now we have a solution.
We bought a house!!! So someday when we actually DO have a baby, we can put the aforementioned "children" in one of the 3 bedrooms, because we are expanding to just over 1900 sq ft. HAH! We are so excited to have a house. Everything "should be done" by the end of the month, and we will be leaving the apartment world forever. We have been so blessed to have lived here in our $500/mo apt, but Obama offered us money, and we are taking it! Here are some pictures...

This is what we will wake up to every morning.... Hello sunshine!

The fireplace. So cozy! (Don't worry, we hate the rock, too)

Hello cutie pants Matt!!


Front room from the fireplace

We hope you will come visit our home! Our home that is a house. And ours. :) In only 360 will be ours. Hooray!!
Ps. It's in Provo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have a reason...

But I just wanted to say this right now: "Vintage" is NOT all the old crap that your parents had in the 70's (that is covered in some form of "gold", orange, or those clocks that look like the sun with bounteous rays of love) that no one wants anymore, but you want to sell it on Craigslist to make a buck and label it "vintage" so it will be seen. That stuff is crap. CRAP. And no one wants it.