Thursday, September 9, 2010

Matt's Boyfriend

I can't blame him. I mean, really, who isn't in love with Keith Urban? He tried to convince me to name one of our children Keith Urban Johnson....Well anyway, we had a great time at the concert. We had pretty good seats too! (can you tell I was interpreting before the concert? OR black is my favorite color.)

Light-y up-y guitar! WAY COOL!

He had a stage set up in the back! We were so close!!

Matt was trying to take a picture as Keith Urban walked right by our row!! He touched his shoulder. :) lol! So fun!

What a fun concert! Thanks for getting us tickets, babe! You rock!

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Crystal Fuller said...

Hey! I was there at that concert too. I was 7 rows back from the stage in the middle. Would've been cool to see you there. Can you tell it's been awhile since I've visited your blog :P